What is iFolder?

The easiest way of describing iFolder is to say that it is like Dropbox for the enterprise. Another way is to say that it’s a file sharing and collaboration tool that allows you to backup, manage and share your files from any computer. Developed by Novell and now open source, there are desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux but until now, iFolder users have been lacking any effective mobile support.

With iFolder for iPhone and iPad, all this changes. Now you can access all your iFolders from anywhere in the world, view your files, play music and video, all from within the iFolder application. Better still, you can email individual files directly to your contacts quickly and easily.

You can learn more about iFolder, and what it can do, over at iFolder.com. We at Mindsizzlers are in no way connected to Novell or iFolder, we’re a team of iPhone developers who love the product and can see lots of exciting ways of integrating solutions with it.  We hope you can too …

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iOS5 fix version now available

Apple have excelled themselves with a very speedy review of iFolder 2.1 and it should be available in store by the time you read this. This release fixes the crashing issue on iOS5 when editing accounts as well as including some new features that we mentioned below. Not all of them made it into this update, but we have added uploading photos, creating folders and item deletion.

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Updates in the pipeline

A quick note to say thank you to one of our users (Doug at irsys) who was kind enough to grant us access to their network to debug an encrypted folder issue that some of you have been having. As a result we’ve been able to fix the issue and so a new update is in the pipeline with Apple.

The new version will fix the encryption bug and add some additional features.

  1. Create Folders
  2. Delete Items
  3. Update Items
  4. Photo Upload
  5. Passphrase Remembering

We hope to have it live before the end of Q3 2011.

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New French export laws

I’ve just been notified by Apple that there are new French export laws pertaining to the use of Encryption in France. As you may know, Novell have implemented a buggy but published implementation of Blowfish for encrypted folders and therefore we are required to conform to the new law.

The new law is written in French, so regrettably we have withdrawn the product from sale in France with immediate effect.

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Version 2.0 now in Store

I’m delighted to report that Version 2.0 of iFolder for iPhone is now available. It’s taken 24 days to get through the Apple approval process and a good chunk of this was consumed by a major UI change on the iPad, but the improvements were worth it.

This is a major upgrade as it enables you to open documents in ANY other app you have on your iPad or iPhone that has registered to handle the particular file type.

Other new features include.

* Support for AirPrint
* Support for Airplay (compatible videos and devices only)
* Improved authentication
* Download ALL files in folder (WiFi only)
* View file history
* Long press gesture recognition for preview

We’re currently working hard to resolve the authentication problems that some of you have and once we have that sorted, we’ll move on to 2.1 which will feature the ability to upload photos, create folders, delete items and more.

Enjoy …

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New Google Group

We’re getting a lot of interest in our iPhone and iPad client for iFolder and have just setup a Google Group for users to contact us, share ideas, suggest features, report bugs etc.

Plus there are a few sneaky peeks at the new version under development.

You’ll see a link to it at the top of the column over on your right ————->

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Coming soon …

Version 2 is well underway now and is a major update aimed especially at iPad users (don’t worry, we’re not forgetting iPhone users).

The next release will allow you to;

  • Open files in other applications (pages, numbers etc)
  • Play media files more easily
  • Print directly from your iPad
  • Preview files better

We’ve also totally changed the authentication library to one which should support a wider range of enterprise environments.

We’d love to hear from iPad users who are able to Beta test this version for us, so if you’re keen, please contact us with your device UUID so we can add you to the provisioning profile. We have a limited number of Beta program places available, so please get in touch before March 11th 2011 when this phase closes to new applicants.

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iFolder 1.5 now live with new features

Now supports encrypted iFolders, plus the option to view files as text or binary data (hexadecimal viewer).

Future work will now turn to the iPad version to add in the ability to edit files as this is one of the most frequent requests we are getting from our users.

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iFolder Tester FREE in app store

To give you a free flavour of the full app, and to give you the opportunity to check that you can login to your own iFolder server, we’re delighted to say that our iFolder Tester app has just been approved by Apple.

It really is designed as a test application to check that your particular server is compatible, so please don’t expect to be able to do much else with it other than view your iFolders and other folder listings.

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Version 1.4 released to App Store

I’m pleased to say that the first version of the iFolder for iPhone application is now available in the US (and now UK) App Stores.

This version doesn’t support NTLM authentication which has affected a small number of our beta testers and nor does it support encrypted folders, however both issues are currently being worked on and a new release should be submitted to Apple within the next couple of weeks.

** UPDATE – new release now with Apple and awaiting review, once this and the free server tester app are in store, we’ll be able to open it up for worldwide access.

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Beta programme closed to new applicants

We’re delighted that so many of you want to help us test our new iFolder for iPhone app and everyone who has contacted us has now either been enrolled in the Beta programme, or has been asked for some additional information.

We now have a great cross section of users on board and so the beta programme is now closed to new applications.  If you would still really like to take part, please note that we may still respond to applicants who send us the following information without us having to ask for it 😉

1) Device ID (upto 5 per tester)
2) Nature of business
3) Approx number of iFolder users

Thanks again to all those who have been in touch, and especially those of you that have caught a few bugs and helped us refine the product.

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