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The iFolder for iPhone application ¬†allows you to access your iFolders on any publicly accessible iFolder server worldwide. By “publicly accessible” we simply mean that it must be possible to access the iFolder over the internet. The iPhone client does not synchronise the iFolder in the same way as the desktop clients do (there wouldn’t be enough disk space for one thing) but rather gives you visibility of the contents of your iFolders on demand and allows you to email documents, save photos etc.

For the technically inclined, the iPhone application uses the SOAP API to interact with the server and the current application has been tested with iFolder server  Our beta test programme established that the client can only talk to servers over https if they support Basic authentication (not Digest or NTLM) and unfortunately at present this is a server side, rather than client side limitation. We are releasing an iFolder tester application (FREE) into the store so you can check your own installation if you are unsure how it might have been configured.

Anyway, back to the app – what can you do with it? Well here are the key product features.

1) Add and maintain multiple iFolder accounts on one phone.

2) View the contents of your iFolders.

3) Search for files in any folder.

4) View the files within the iFolders directly on your phone – this allows you to view photos and graphics, listen to audio files, watch video and even view your spreadsheets, documents and PDF files right there on the phone.

5) Email any document to your contacts.

6) Save image files to your PHOTOS

iFolder for iPhone is under active development and we will be adding more features in future releases. Some of these have already been suggested by our beta testers (thanks all!) so expect to see features such as viewing any file as text or binary data (feature just released in 1.5), uploading photos and video etc very soon!

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  1. I am looking into using an IDM SOAP driver to provision users into iFolders…

    If you happen to understand the SOAP calls needed to provisioning/deprov a user, I would love to see where that is documented.

    An iPhone version would be cool!

    (Use Mono Touch?)

  2. Tony L. says:

    Thanks for this great app.
    We are testing it at work to send it out for teachers to use it. But I have a question,
    is there a possibility in the next version to edit files, or at least select to open the files with DocsToGo or another app that lets you edit files?

    • Developers says:

      Hi Tony, thanks for the kind words.

      Absolutely. It won’t be in the next release which has been with Apple for a week or so now, but document workflow is the next major feature we are working on. The first stage will be editing files as you suggest and the second stage will be the ability to push them back into iFolder. So watch this space …

  3. Frank says:

    In future versions, is it gonna be possible to view and use files offline on the iPad? We are happy iFolder users and are in the need of such an app in about 2 or 3 months.

  4. Ren says:

    what ports need to be opened on the firewall for the ifolder iphone app?

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