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While we wait for Apple to approve the 1.5 release (support for encrypted folders), we thought we’d outline some of the ideas we have for the project’s future so you can contribute your own thoughts into what you need the most.

Photo and Video Upload

A future release will have the option of uploading photos and videos taken on the phone directly into the folder you are currently navigated to. Initially support for this will be for unencrypted folders, and encryption will be added in a second phase.

Editing of iWork documents and storing back on iFolder

This one is tricky. Whilst we will soon be able to get documents from your iFolder and into Pages / Numbers etc on the iPad, Apple don’t have (as yet) any functionality that allows us to get the document back out again. As you may be aware, the filesystem on both the iPhone and iPad is sandboxed per Application and so this is a limitation we have to live with.

We do have a cunning plan though … what iWork will let you do is export documents back to a WEBDAV enabled folder and so we have a project in hand to allow you to post your document to a WEBDAV service that basically stores and forwards the document on to your iFolder.

Photo Galleries

At the moment we simply present each document in a webview since that handles a wide range of documents. We know a lot of Dropbox users like the photo gallery functionality and this is something we would like to bring to iFolder for iPhone too in due course.

We have more ideas than programming time available though, so please feel free to get in touch and help us prioritise what you would prefer that we concentrated on first!

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