Having worked with a number of blue-chip customers in the past, we are conscious of the security concerns that mobile data brings to the corporate environment. To help make the iFolder app as secure as possible, we do a few things to help protect your information in the unfortunate event of losing your phone.

Firstly, all account details are stored securely in the iPhone keyChain. This means your account information is encrypted both on the device, and on any backups.

Secondly, we don’t provide any mechanism for viewing password information you have already entered. If you forget your password, you won’t be able to get it back from us!

Finally, we of course recommend that you only ever access your iFolders over a secure connection. This is the default setting for new accounts in the application and whilst we allow you to turn it off for installations that insist on an unencrypted link, we expect most users to have SSL enabled by default.

Encryption Support

As you will know, iFolder allows you to create encrypted folders so that the data is stored in encrypted form for additional security.  Support for encrypted iFolders was added with the 1.5 release.

We’re also pleased to report that UNLIKE the web client, which actually gets the server to do the decryption and then sends the decrypted data to your browser, iFolder for iPhone requests the encrypted data over the wire and only decrypts it when it has arrived on your device for maximum security even over unsecured networks.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project
for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (

7 Responses to Security

  1. Daniel Sundrup says:


    congratulations to this nice app. I tested the iFolder Tester and iFolder app today and here are my findings:

    1. I was unable to log into my iFolder Server with my specific user. I use this user daily with iFolder Client on Windows, Linux and with iFolder webaccess, so this user is working well. I get the error message “authentication error”. I found out that the problem is that my password is too long. I have a 10 digit password and using a shorter one (6 digits) works fine (no special characters used).

    2. after starting the iFolder app, I get the the following warning:
    „Security Warning
    The SSL certificate for „servername“ is invalid. You should only proceed if you are confident the is one you can trust.“

    After clicking on „proceed“ I can work with my iFolder but after restarting the app or the whole device, this warning comes again. It would be nice to accept this server certificate permanently.

    3. the iFolder app is not able to handle openOffice file extensions.

    Hope that helps to increase functionality of this nice app 😉


    • Developers says:

      Thanks Daniel 🙂

      We’re hard at work on version 2 which addresses many of your requests – keep an eye on the new google group for more frequent updates.

      We have now added the ability for the iPad app to open ANY document provided there is another application on the device registered to open that file type. This makes it possible to open documents in Pages, spreadsheets in Numbers, Photoshop files in suitable viewers etc.

      Sadly though I have as yet been unable to track down any application that can actually work with open office files. I’m hoping the open office community itself might be working on that …

  2. Stefan says:


    I have been using iFolder (the Novell version for quote some time now, and having an iPad and iPhone client is great, the app workshop great for me with normal folders, But with encrypted folders I get errors opening these files.

    Is this something that only works with THE opensource version of iFolder or should I just be able to open these?



    • Developers says:

      Hi Stefan

      I’m not aware of any reason why the encryption would only work on the opensource version, however we will raise this as a bug in the app and look into it for the next release.


    • Developers says:

      Hi Stefan

      We have just written about a new update that could resolve your encrypted file problem. I’m going to invite you to beta test this version so you can check to see if it works for you OK. Expect an email from testflightapp shortly … hopefully this will fix it for you too.


    • Thomas says:


      I’m having the same problem.
      Normal folders works great. But encypted files does not seem to decrypt.

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