What is iFolder?

The easiest way of describing iFolder is to say that it is like Dropbox for the enterprise. Another way is to say that it’s a file sharing and collaboration tool that allows you to backup, manage and share your files from any computer. Developed by Novell and now open source, there are desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux but until now, iFolder users have been lacking any effective mobile support.

With iFolder for iPhone and iPad, all this changes. Now you can access all your iFolders from anywhere in the world, view your files, play music and video, all from within the iFolder application. Better still, you can email individual files directly to your contacts quickly and easily.

You can learn more about iFolder, and what it can do, over at iFolder.com. We at Mindsizzlers are in no way connected to Novell or iFolder, we’re a team of iPhone developers who love the product and can see lots of exciting ways of integrating solutions with it. ¬†We hope you can too …

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