Version 2.0 now in Store

I’m delighted to report that Version 2.0 of iFolder for iPhone is now available. It’s taken 24 days to get through the Apple approval process and a good chunk of this was consumed by a major UI change on the iPad, but the improvements were worth it.

This is a major upgrade as it enables you to open documents in ANY other app you have on your iPad or iPhone that has registered to handle the particular file type.

Other new features include.

* Support for AirPrint
* Support for Airplay (compatible videos and devices only)
* Improved authentication
* Download ALL files in folder (WiFi only)
* View file history
* Long press gesture recognition for preview

We’re currently working hard to resolve the authentication problems that some of you have and once we have that sorted, we’ll move on to 2.1 which will feature the ability to upload photos, create folders, delete items and more.

Enjoy …

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